Let's get ready for the Wheaton Lions Golf Outing 2020!

This year, our silent auction will be held online, with Silent Auction Pro!

To bid on items you are required to have an account with Silent Auction Pro and have a credit card on file. 

Ready to sign up?

If you're sitting at your computer, click HERE.

If you're on your phone or tablet, click HERE.

Want to view items first?

You may preview the auction items up for bid without having an account or logging in. 

If you want to view the bidding page while at your computer, click HERE.

If you want to view the bidding page while on your phone or tablet, click HERE.

OR - while on your phone:

Simply go to on your mobile device and enter our group number: 1650 to view items. Tap on the View Items button to view the different categories of items available. Tap a category to view items in that category.

From there, when you find an item on which you would like to bid, simply click on the Sign-in / Register to bid button to sign in (if you already have an account with Silent Auction Pro) or to register if you don't have an account.

A few notes on the bidding process:

Click HERE for help with how to sign up or bid.

Like eBay, you can enter a maximum amount you are willing to bid on an item. This is called proxy bidding. To place a max bid - but let the system bid for you, check the ''Bid for me'' check box before placing your bid.

If you would like to place a bid that is higher than the next valid bid, just make sure the Bid For Me! check box is not checked. Your bid will be placed as the full amount immediately.

Some items may have a Buy-It-Now price. If you want to buy the item immediately at the buy it now price, simply check the Buy it now check box and click the Buy It Now button.

In the case of tie bids, the person who entered the bid first wins.

If your max bid is equal to the Buy-It-Now price but you place it as a proxy bid, someone else may still win that item by using the Buy-It-Now feature. If you are willing to pay the Buy-It-Now price, you should do so immediately to keep from losing that item.


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