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Something Special

By Dorothy Troyer


There’s a special shop for special people right here in Wheaton. It carries a line of products not found at Target, Walmart or Macy’s.  If you know someone whose vision isn’t what it used to be; who complains because there is something wrong with their glasses or their eye doctor has said that a stronger pair will not help, you need to drop in and shop.


Some of the things you will find on the shelves of this special store are: Large print calendars, talking watches, clocks with easy-to-see numerals, magnifying mirrors, large print computer keyboards, large number playing cards, check writing guides talking calculators and much more. All products in this special store are non-optical and are designed to make life easier for people who have had a significant vision loss.


There’s more. 


A wide variety of sunglasses are available including specially designed Cocoons.  They block light from above and on both sides.  Very very comfy. You’re even entitled to a free sunwear consultation. 


This special store is located on the first floor of Spectrios Institute for Low Vision, at 219 E. Cole Ave. in Wheaton. It is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 4:30. Come in and browse at your leisure.  The receptionist can answer most questions. If you are looking for a particular item, call and ask Connie, the Spectrios Rehabilitation Therapist, at 630-690-7115 ext. 20. Leave a message. She’ll get back to you.

If it isn’t in stock she will order it for you or direct you to a place that carries it.

Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day are all coming up soon. When you give a gift designed specifically for your special person you’ll be saying you really care.

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