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Spectrios Institute For Low Vision

By Dorothy Troyer


Isn't it depressing to work with people who are losing their eyesight? It's a question often asked of Spectrios staff members. The answer is a positive "No." As a rehab teacher for the blind and visually impaired, I saw lives changed every day. When people arrive at Spectrios Institute they are often depressed and angry about what has happened to them. When they leave Spectrios, able to read the newspaper, recipes, favorite books and their mail, they are filled with hope.

Next time you are at Spectrios take a look at the art hanging on our walls. Every piece has been created by one of our patients.

One patient makes incredible bouquets of flowers that look like porcelain, but are made of sugar.

My daughter recently met a lady at a quilt show. 5 years ago she lost a significant amount of sight, but refused to go on disability. Instead she started her own business. It is called "Art of Possibilities Studios." She works with other artists who are visually impaired to design fabric. Her website shows a sampling of her work. Visit The item search is "art of possibility." Seven shops in our area carry her fabrics. The Cotton Cottage on Wilson Ave. in Wheaton is one of the seven. Her motto is "art beyond limitation." Working with these people does not depress, it inspires.

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