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June 26 - 28, 2024
Washington Elementary School

Wheaton Lions Club volunteers were out early to hand out basketballs to each of the kids attending the Slam Dunk for Diabetes Basketball Camp for kids (5 - 12) with Type One Diabetes.

The Wheaton Lions Club is the primary sponsor of this camp being held at Washington Elementary School in Wheaton, IL.

Lion volunteers are Ron Birchall, Jim Jakubiec, Chris Neigel, John Monino, Joanna Karmis, Pam Sharar-Stoppel and RC Crompton.


About Slam Dunk for Diabetes

A simple conversation in 2003 between a patient named Joan and her diabetes educator, Monica Joyce, sparked the idea for Slam Dunk. The patient’s husband was on the board of directors of the Chicago Bulls. Joan knew all too well the challenges of managing diabetes. She understood the importance and need for children living with diabetes to learn how to balance food, exercise and insulin with a healthy dose of fun.

Slam Dunk on fear. Slam Dunk on doubt. Slam Dunk on everything that’s holding you back.

Kids ages 6 - 18 attend four-day, half-day camps across Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Each day, they’re encouraged to build confidence, make new friends and learn some new skills on the court.

Self-management, confidence building, and education are the foundation of good decision-making on and off the basketball court. Slam Dunk kids’ experiences and support are sustained through:

• Multi-day camps
• One-day clinics
• Informative website
• Family education
• Research programs


The Mission

Slam Dunk for Diabetes camps empower Type 1 and 2 kids to have fun and learn how to actively manage their health. Our day camps are FREE and are specifically designed for kids with diabetes to learn basketball, be supported, motivated and lead healthy, happy lives.


The Vision

We envision a world where every kid with diabetes confidently and independently embraces an active, energetic, and healthy lifestyle with few limitations.

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